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If you're serious about concealed carry and the best gun holsters for concealment... the M-11 Concealed Carry Holsters & M-12 IWB Gun Holsers designs are the gun holsters that I recommend the most! They are my most effective and most comfortable concealment holsters period...

  M-11 Ultimate CCH Click to view larger

Each holster is cut, stitched, and molded precisely to fit only the gun model you select. We make truly custom holsters. Below you can view photos of holsters fitted precisely to various handguns. You will notice we stitch accurately to the shape of the specific gun, not a generic fit!
Typical IWB holster compared to the M-11

............. Price: $129.00

Extremely comfortable and conceals a hand gun superior to any other holster design we know. The large spacing between the belt straps allow a flat profile with all-day comfort even with large guns. The gun pictured can be completely concealed under a loose-fitting T-Shirt
Adjustable tension device to vary draw tension. Very benneficial on shorter barrel guns.
Constructed of premium American saddle leather
Hand-boned and precisely molded to your gun for a secure fit
Holster body is contoured to the shape of your hip
Features a rear leather guard around the back of the gun so that it does not dig into your side
Belt loops can be specified to your specific width belt
Worn by top law-enforcement and undercover officers due to its being the most functional concealment method
Polymer-reinforced mouth (holster will not collapse when reholstering one-handed)!!!!
Available in right or left-handed
The inside of the holster is buffed and hand-pasted so that it is smooth on your gun's finish

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Barrel Length: (If applicable)
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Stitching Color:
Belt Loop Width:
Crimson Trace Laser Grips?:

If you don't see your gun listed above please call us to see if we accidentally left it off the list.

Below are some other examples of the M-11 holster.
Please click thumbnail to enlarge in a new window.

M-11-"Hardcore" Version
Black Leather Gun Holster with Brown Thread

Large View
Springfield XDM leather gun holster. Cordovan Brown with antique white thread

Top view

Bottom view
Rear leather guard on the m-11 concealed carry holster for a 1911 pistol
M-11 Hardcore Version Gun Holster Rear View that shows complete coverage of the back of the slide and cocked hammer on a 1911 pistol.
Custom M-11 Gun Holster for compact pistols, perfect for concealed carry
Ultra compact handguns, the curved extra leather on the bottom of compact pistols serves as a stabilizer. Your hip/buttocks area will rest against the cupped/curved area of the holster and bear against that area so that the top of the holster/gun tilts inward and stays snug to your body in all positions when moving.

Custom M-11 Exotic Skin

Ostrich Leg Trim Black
M-11 Concealed carry holster, rear leather guard covers the hammer and pistol metal from contacting your body.
M-11 Hardcore Gun holster. Rear View that shows complete coverage of the back of the slide and cocked hammer on a 1911 pistol.

Ostrich Leg Trim holster & matching belt.

Best position is just barely behind your hip bone. The grip won't poke out the back of your shirt when moving.

Holster and gun remain tight and concealed.

Easily conceal even a large gun with a simple T-shirt. Very comfortable for all day wear.

Where it is worn Just behind the hip bone. Very comfortable all day.

Completely hidden even on larger firearms.

Full size handgun hidden comfortably.

Side view

Out of sight and peace of mind. Carry without feeling like everyone knows.

Very easy to get to in a panic situation where your life depends on it.
Springfield xd 5.25 gun holster leather
Springfield xd 5.25 gun holster leather

Hugs your hip/torso for all day comfort.

Finished interior

Ostrich Leg Trim Black

Angle view. Notice we stitch to the exact gun you select for a TRUE CUSTOM FIT!

Top view
Sig Sauer Custom Leather Gun Holsters for concealed carry inside waistband
Sig Sauer Custom Leather Gun Holsters for concealed carry inside waistband

Large View

Black Stingray and Shark/Stingray Belt

Top view

Close photo

Custom M-11 with double leather stitched loops and brown thread stitching instead of black.

Optional brown thread double stitched loops and re-inforcement piece
Custom Horsehide Leather Gun Holster for concealed carry 1911 pistols
Custom Hardcore Leather Gun Holster constructed of Horsehide, natural oil finish with antique white thread

Large view

Top view

Large photo

Rear view

Top view

Top view

Slim holster design for Serious Professional Concealed Carry

Cognac Ostrich-Trim with matching pouch.

It takes great effort to precisely blend exotic skin and cowhide for a professional look.

Tegu Lizard

Caiman Crocodile Burgundy

BullFrog-Trim Bullfrog is tough and stunning when finished properly.

Below is small amount of what goes into the construction.

Select tight-grain leather on the left is what we choose for the loops. Not the leather on the right. That is waist.

We leave nothing un-finished

Wet-molded loops.

Warmed to retain shape.

Ready for an oil-bath so they will last years and years without drying out or cracking.

Coming out of the bath.

Dipped in a mix of solution for added strength and longevity.


Notice the rigidity and strength after we take them through the steps we do.

Thick leather is chosen.

Ready for a holster; Yours?

Before shot....Back side of leather re-inforcement piece that you never see.

Same solution we use the for loops is soaked in to this piece that positively keep sweat or moisture from leaching through this spot where alot of body sweat can form from your torso.

Final result! Are we giving away secrets that other makers can benifit from?? Sure but why not, then their customers can benefit as well.

Edges waxed & burnished the true way saddle makers do it.

Comparison between top (partial finished) vs. bottom not finished.

Track marks left from stitching machines. Not good. Often companies don't bother removing all of them for sake of time.

Stitch holes tight and leather smooth. It takes more time and we produce less but we can't resist doing all we know. No shortcuts taken. It is hard to mass produce this.

No collapse here. This is a 25 lb. weight resting on a M-11 that fits a 1911 with Crimson-Trace grips. Strength and beauty is acheived with leather.


Burnished the old fashion labor intensive way. Not a painted finish that most production holster have.

Results seen here.

Burnishing a western holster to illustrate more how we do it.

Finishing the interior for a custom touch.

Polishing by hand the interior leather fibers. Your gun's finish will love it.

A secret to a long life in a holster. It takes hours to do this single step. But you benefit. We don't skip it and charge you the same. Many holster companies don't oil holsters like this.

Captioned photo

It all starts here.

Prior to oiling.

During the oiling. Oil is settleing in the pores bringing out a beautiful depth that can only be achieved with oiling.

Black hoslter dyed black BEFORE OILING...

Same holster after oiling. Notice the darker depth with this important step.
Even more photos coming