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Brigade gun holsters and accessories. I specialize in leather holsters, western holsters and concealed carry holsters. My gun holsters are made from top grade leather superbly crafted to produce high quality custom leather holsters & accessories.Our Leather Gun Holsters Made in USA

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Western Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I do custom work ?
Usually, it just depends on what it is.

Do you make the highest quality products I can get?
I believe that I do.... I use American hides that are grade A. I use the best and thickest thread like saddle makers. I use old world style craftsmanship. I use mostly oils to achieve color not alcohol dyes that dry leather out. All of my rigs are oiled then an antique paste is rubbed into the leather and stitching to create a superior quality that larger production companies can't reproduce because of how labor intensive it is. It takes 2 days just to oil then hand burnish the thick antique paste and then I rub and then polish off. It is finished by a clear top finish that saddle makers use. Take a look at the close up photos I have on my website and also the gallery.

Are your belts and holsters lined?
Yes, all Brigade GunLeather western gunbelts and holsters are fully leather lined and saddle stitched for long life and superb quality.

Are your WesternGunleather products truly "Custom Made"?
YES. I don't make anything generic. All belts and holsters are made to order for you based on your hip & waist size and the make, model, caliber and barrel length of your gun.

Do I fit your revolver?
Most likely, I fit most single action and double action revolvers up to 7.5" barrels.

How do I determine the correct waist size?
On the main western page there is a link to take you to a page that will show you how to determine the correct way to size yourself. Please follow these instructions exactly. I have a formula based on that measurement that will allow me to size your gunbelt correctly and give your gunbelt 3" to adjust in either direction.

Is each holster made to fit only a certain gun?
I wet-fit the gun to the holster so it will fit not too tight but not too loose either. A break-in period is needed, similar to a new pair of leather shoes.

8. When do you charge my credit card?
Although you submit your card through my secure site the card is not actually charged until the order actually ships.

9. What type of leather do I use?
My western holsters & belts are made from vegetable tanned leather, which is very thick and durable. The benefit of these tannages is that they provide a leather that will not cause your weapon to rust or corrode when the gun is left in it for extended periods of time.

Troy Harp (Owner)